Gallery of Program Showcase

Creative Community Services, Inc. is hosting a gala for its supporters and those who wish to learn more about CCS on Thursday evening September 10th from 6-8:00 p.m. at The LONA Gallery in historic downtown Lawrenceville.  



Creative Community Services, a private, nonprofit organization located in Norcross, Georgia was started in 1982 by Executive Director Sally Buchanan. Sally has made it her mission in life to help children and adults with special needs and has led CCS to become one of the best agencies serving children and adults in Georgia and the United States. Her frustration, compassion and dream to make a difference over 31 years ago are what started it all.

Over the past several years, support for community-based services has grown and CCS has seen increased success in individual consumers’ lives. Instead of catching children at the end of the spectrum who have failed their way through the system, CCS is preventing children from ever going into institutionalized placements. As a result of institutions serving individuals with Developmental Disabilities shutting down, the State has begun to open Medicaid waivers, bringing needed money to serve children and adults who, with supports, may live successfully in the community.

With passion, dedication and hard work Sally and the CCS team continue to provide both children and adults hope by encouraging independent living that creates involved, engaged citizens and community members. More information is available at:

“It has been so exciting to see our team grow from one staff, one child, and one adult, to over 140 mission driven employees who are serving over 200 children, families, and adults.”  -Sally Buchanan, CCS Executive Director