Team Glenda Fundraiser...
Grayson Farmers’ Market, Wednesday, September 23rd

Grayson Elementary showing their love for retired Assistant Principal Glenda Mayhue



By Beth Volpert Johansen

The Grayson Elementary staff and student family is very tightly-knit. When one of their own is struggling, it becomes a community effort to provide comfort and support. Currently, the staff and students are focused on Glenda Mayhue’s battle with a brain tumor. 

Right: Glenda celebrating her birthday. The cake tells the story of how loved she really is. 

Among several efforts to collect the funds will be a Big Daddy Que BBQ fundraiser at the Grayson City Park’s weekly Farmers’ Market. Gail Lane, City of Grayson Community Development Director is encouraging families to come out to the very special market events planned for Wednesday, September 23rd. “We are pleased that our Farmers’ Market has become a place where our community connects with one another and a place where we can assist our neighbors with needs,” says Lane. “We are proud to host some of the Team Glenda Fundraising efforts and invite you to come be a part of this very special day at our weekly market-Get into Grayson and make a difference!” 

In addition to the proceeds from Big Daddy Que sales, the Grayson High School Drumline will be providing the unmistakable sounds of Friday Night Lights-Grayson Style by performing in the park. All donations to the GHS drumline will be given to Team Glenda. “Many of our band members remember Mrs. Mayhue from their days at Grayson Elementary,” says Robert Barnes, GES Band Director. “This is their way of giving back.” 

Make plans to pick up some delicious market items, dine in the park among your neighbors, and enjoy some music. Wednesday, September 23rd will be “the place to be” in Grayson for suppertime, fellowship, and community. Together, Grayson can show Glenda Mayhue the love she deserves. Tag yourself “in” and “share” so your friends know they need to “Get Into Grayson”!