Community prayer in Buford

By Dennis Washington



After watching and listening to resent events of past days taking place around the country, and feeling an urgency to act, Rev. Avery Headd, Pastor Poplar Hill Baptist Church in Buford, GA. did just that.

A challenge was given to all, remember the principal this great nation was built upon, “In GOD We Trust” and be willing to stand as “one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

FB IMG 1468609661945190Community leaders in attendance were, Rev. David Brunson, Rev. Jeff Coleman, Rev. Marion Sailor, Rev. Terry Cohron, Rev. Joey Grissom, Rev. Betty Earls, Chaplin Booker, Major Curtis Clemons, State Rep. David Clark, Chairman Board of Commissioners Charlotte Nash, and Ashton Hughes.