Gwinnett Police Academy recruits partner with Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity
By Alice Cunningham

Recruit Travis Leslie and his co-recruits wanted to do a community project.  Travis worked on Habitat projects in NY and did the research on how to get involved with Habitat in Gwinnett County.



The recruits’ instructor, Corporal Freddie Soldana, had also worked on Habitat projects while he was in college so this was an easy choice.  

Corporal Soldana would like to keep this important partnership going between the Police Academy and Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity.  These recruits will graduate August 25 after completing 24 weeks of training and officially become officers.

This project is Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity’s 51st home repair/preservation project since Oct. 31, 2014.  Currently funds are being raised to purchase a van and all the equipment, tools and materials needed to expand this program.  

A Brush with Kindness Program utilizes volunteers to complete the projects and grant or sponsor funds to pay for the supplies or licensed trades like plumbers or electricians if the work involves more than what our volunteers can do.  Often the licensed work is also donated.  The homeowners pay a small percentage of the cost, if any, back to Gwinnett Habitat through a no interest loan.  These funds get recycled to fund additional projects.  If you are interested in donating to this program check out our website to make a donation at or contact Alice Cunningham at or 770-931-8080.