Seated L-R: Dr. Robert Gadlage, Dr. Taher Bagheri, Dr. Philip Edwards, Dr. Lanny Lesser, David Harris and Dr. Javad Deganian; Standing L-R: Jan Smith RN, Jeanette Eckard retired Director of Nursing, Margery Sawyer RN, former operating room supervisor, Dr. Norman Freid, Patricia Rawlins retired Physical Therapist and Pamela Kramer RN.

The Snellville Historical Society held the spring meeting at Snellville City Hall on April 23. The topic was the Development of the Medical Community in Snellville.

Pamela Kramer, Eastside Administrator of South Campus was the moderator. A group of doctors working in the Atlanta and Lawrenceville area began talking about the need to treat their patients locally. This group became known as The Magnificent Seven.

The Magnificent Seven included: Dr. Taher Bagheri (Thoracic Surgeon), Dr. Bob Gadlage (ENT), Dr. Lanny Lesser (Cardiologist), Dr. Norman Freid (OB-GYN), Dr. Philip Edwards (Urology), Dr. Ed Bowen (General Medicine),Dr. Oscar Medina (General Medicine).



Mrs Bowen & the Kirkland'sCourtney Bowen, wife of Dr. Ed Bowen, Nick & Carolyn Kirkland. Carolyn is past president of Snellville Historical Society.David Harris was the first hospital administrator. As soon as the Magnificent Seven were awarded a Certificate of Need, Mr. Harris began hiring the best staff he could find. The first hospital opened in 1980. In 1994, the present Eastside Hospital was opened with primarily this same group spearheading the need for a larger facility. Speakers were: Mr. Harris, Ms. Kramer, Drs. Gadlage, Fried, Edwards and Dr. Javad Deganian (Pediatrican), Janet Eckerd (first Head of the Nursing Department). Margie Sawyer (first Department head for Operating Room).