Gwinnett County transit and Google Transit team to provide online planning tool

Commuters have a new trip planning tool thanks to a partnership between Gwinnett County Transit and Google Transit. This online tool makes trip planning easier and more efficient.

 The Google Transit app allows Gwinnett County Transit schedule data to be accessed via Google Maps, providing riders with step-by-step trip planning from their desktop computers or smartphones. By inputting their starting and ending points, Google will provide transit options available near those locations. Commuters also can access customized route data with multiple travel options. 

“This is really helpful for a transit rider who is perhaps going to a new destination,” said Karen Winger, director of the Gwinnett County Transit Division. “You can input your typical starting point and your new destination and the system will identify what route and what mode of transit is available.”

Don’t even try to trick the system. “It’s clever enough to know which starting and ending points aren’t anywhere near a transit system,” Winger said.



The user can generate the route information from most smart phones. If personal computer is being used, the trip planning tool provides the option to send the route data to a smart phone as well. Additionally, this application supports 12 languages, which makes it more user-friendly in a multicultural county like Gwinnett.

“Gwinnett County Transit is very excited to offer this tool,” said Winger. “We ask for riders to use Google Transit for their next trip and let us know what they think.”

To access this tool, type Google Transit into a search engine. Choose Transit – Google Maps. A new screen appears and the user then types in the starting and ending points and hits enter. It’s that simple.

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