Jack and Dorothy Dillard celebrate 70th Wedding Anniversary

Snellville’s Dillard’s celebrate 70th Anniversary
By Beth Volpert

Snellville (April 2014) - While everybody is somebody in Snellville, some folks have been one of those somebody’s longer than others. That would be the case for Jack and Dorothy Dillard who have been Snellville residents since 1949.



The Dillard’s celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on March 12, 2014 with a party at their home hosted by their family. Like so many couples who married during the years surrounding WWII, their love story began at work. Both Jack and Dorothy had jobs working at the Carwood Plant in Monroe, Georgia. The plant manufactured military clothing. “Within the first month, my dad, who was just out of the army where he had served at Guadalcanal, met a cute little girl working in the inspection department,” says Jack Dillard, Jr. “He determined that she would be his future wife.” And he was right. The couple was married on March 12, 1944 at the home of a Justice of the Peace in Monroe with two of the bride’s nine siblings in attendance. 

During the 1960’s Jack was also a city councilman for Snellville and then the city clerk. With Dorothy’s help, they did the billing and collection of city water bills, city taxes, payroll and collection of fines. “Back then, Snellville didn’t have a place for the city clerk, recalls Dorothy. “We kept the books on the dining room table and the money- what there was of it- was kept in a tackle box.”

After Jack retired in 1985, he and Dorothy were active members of the Snellville Keenagers Club for 25 years. They were Volunteers of the Year in 2005. They would build one more home together where they plan to stay. “I never moved in my life growing up until I got married,” remembers Dorothy. “We have had a wonderful life.”

They celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary with 2 of their children, 4 of their 8 grandchildren and 6 of their 10 great- grandchildren, with dinner, cake and ice cream. Surrounded by family, the Dillard’s celebrated their anniversary being the only somebody’s in Snellville they ever dreamed of being.

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