The LONA Gallery... beyond pictures on the wall
By Beth Volpert Johansen

Once upon a time there were two sisters, siblings among seven who grew up in Atlanta. The older one “taught” the younger one everything she learned in school each day and they grew up very close.

Celebrating 4 Decades of Hobbies at B & B Hobby
By Beth Volpert Johansen

From the early days inspired by truckers and Smokey and the Bandit, to the present day fascination with all things that fly, B & B Hobby has seen four decades of hobby enthusiasts enjoying their leisure time.

2015 budget proposal invests in big picture

Lawrenceville, Ga. – Gwinnett Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash presented a proposed $1.5 billion budget for fiscal year 2016 to the public and the Board of Commissioners during a briefing recently.

You have the power - Buy American Made!
By John L. Byrwa

The message, like most of a divine nature, came to Clyde Strickland in a most unusual way.

But it came nonetheless, and Strickland, a God-fearing soul of 76 years, knew in his heart that he had dare not deny its validity nor ignore its import.