Bay Creek Park concerns
By John L. Byrwa

A little more than an hour after Gwinnett County Police Chief Butch Ayers informed a gathering of Grayson-area residents that an arrest warrant had been issued for the person who authorities believe was responsible for the Oct. 9 shooting at Bay Creek Park in Loganville, a suspect was arrested and placed into police custody.

Photos by Virginia Johansen

Maddie Waters debuts art in Grayson
By Beth Volpert Johansen    

There is no doubt that Mrs. Flora Cox, the last resident to occupy the little white house located in downtown Grayson before it became the Grayson Art and History Center, would have welcomed the lovely young artist, Maddie Waters into her home and offered her cookies and lemonade.

Channeling Matisse... art at the Bethesda Senior Center
By Beth Volpert Johansen

During the weekly art class at Bethesda Senior Center local artist Shirley Shepherd is surrounded by a group of enthusiastic women eager to start the newest project.

2015 property tax payments due Thursday, October 15

For property owners with an escrow account, tax information is available to mortgage companies; however, it is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner to ensure taxes are paid by the due date.

Celebrating Gwinnett’s diverse population...... National United Nations Day
By Beth Volpert Johansen

Celebrating Gwinnett’s unique and diverse culture offers myriad opportunities to learn about immigrant stories. With United Nations Day being celebrated on October 24th, the stories of three successful Gwinnett residents who were born in other countries illustrate the adage that the United States is indeed the land of opportunity for world-wide populations.

Team Glenda Fundraiser...
Grayson Farmers’ Market, Wednesday, September 23rd

Grayson Elementary showing their love for retired Assistant Principal Glenda Mayhue

By Beth Volpert Johansen

The Grayson Elementary staff and student family is very tightly-knit. When one of their own is struggling, it becomes a community effort to provide comfort and support. Currently, the staff and students are focused on Glenda Mayhue’s battle with a brain tumor.