Dennis McGowan Chairman, EMC Patient-Family  Advisory Committee
Patient-family centered care
By Dennis McGowan

Do you remember when the family doctor made house calls? Do you remember when people were once admitted as inpatients in the hospital for “a rest”?  It may seem like ancient history, particularly when compared to the current systems for the delivery of health care, but it was only one or two generations ago. 

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Christmas Love Box
Peace, love and joy... the real gems 
By Beth Volpert

Leaving a loving legacy defines Christine Martinello. Over the years, without her realizing it, she was developing the kind of good leadership and parenting skills that naturally show her love for her family and the natural extension of that love to those she meets. From those meetings come the gems of peace, love and joy that everyone needs. 

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Volunteer Dee Wilson
Volunteer Gwinnett surpasses million hour goal
for volunteers

Program Offers Opportunities for Citizens to Volunteer
and to Learn
By Phylecia D Wilson

As a Human Resources employee for a large international firm in the Philippines, Dee Wilson had worked in human resources organizing annual health and wellness fairs for 2000 employees. But after a fruitless job search following moving to the US and settling in Gwinnett with her new husband, Wilson still wanted something to do in her spare time.

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Eastside Family Pharmacy staff: Esther Truitt, Michele Dalton, Heather Gaige and Zach McGuire
Eastside Family Pharmacy a new family business you can trust
By Staff Reports

Eastside Family Pharmacy is a new family owned and operated, independent retail pharmacy in Snellville.  The owners, Michele Dalton of Lilburn and Esther Truitt of Snellville, are two seasoned pharmacy operations women. They have partnered with Health Mart, a division of McKesson Corporation, a nationwide franchise with over three thousand independent pharmacy members throughout the U. S.

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Mr. Dana Pugh, Principal, Grayson High School

Stealthy Administrator at Grayson High School
By Beth Volpert

As Grayson High School begins its fifteenth year with new principal Dana Pugh, changes mix with a strong sense of tradition within the walls of the building. Those walls sometimes seem as if they might be just a little charmed, not unlike like the walls in a Harry Potter novel since they don’t seem to be able to keep the principal from being almost everywhere all the time.

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