By: Staff Reports | Gwinnett Citizen
By: Staff Reports | Gwinnett Citizen

Hands on writing workshop

GRAYSON - The city of Grayson recently announced its strong support of the arts, as well as its dedication to local artists.

As a demonstration of that support, the city of Grayson and Gwinnett author and freelance writer Carole Townsend have partnered to offer prospective students a unique, hands-on writing workshop in the heart of the city. "We're very pleased that Ms. Townsend is sharing her gift with our community," said Gail Lane, Grayson’s Community Development Director.

Topics covered include:

Creative writing:  Take your writing to the next level, with exercises designed to strengthen your ability to write entertaining, artful prose. 

Share your work with other students in a POSITIVE, CONSTRUCTIVE environment.

Learn common writing pitfalls to avoid.

Learn common business mistakes to avoid.

Learn tips from successful authors, freelance writers and bloggers on gaining an audience, identifying your genre, and building your brand.

The BUSINESS of writing:  In today’s marketplace, writers must learn how to market their work, whether searching for an agent, trying to find the right publication to showcase your work, or blogging with design and purpose. All of these topics will be covered in this workshop.

Self-publication vs. Traditional publication:  the pros and cons of both will be examined, and both avenues will be explored by students.

This workshop includes instruction and hands-on writing exercises designed to introduce writers/aspiring writers to various techniques and just as importantly, to the business side of writing. There are many opportunities out there for writers to land exciting, paying jobs. Learn how to build a career doing what you love to do – WRITE.

Those interested in taking the 5-week workshop can email Carole at The workshop will be held in the Grayson Arts and History Building. The first session is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6 (7 pm – 9 pm), and the workshop will conclude on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3. 

The cost is $200 per student. Class size will be limited to 6 students, age 18 and older. If student interest warrants, another 5-week workshop will be added. The limited class size allows critical one-on-one instruction and interaction.

**Students must commit to ten hours of classroom instruction time, as well as completion of exercises to be done outside of class time and reviewed during class.**

Here are some comments from students who have taken Carole’s writing workshops in the past:

"I would recommend this workshop to anyone who ever even thought they might have what it takes to become a published writer. The class opens up a new world of possibilities in blogging, article writing, ghost writing, fiction and non-fiction short story or book formats, and a host of other ideas for anyone looking to put their God-given talent to work." - Camille Burch, writer

"Carole’s workshop has been a game changer for me. Her teaching style is positive and upbeat.  The information she shares has been invaluable in helping me to pursue my goal of becoming a published author. She is factual, informed, and she is a gifted communicator." - Joy Mock, Licensed Professional Counselor 

"This was an amazing workshop. I learned so much and walked out with knowledge that made me confident that I can have a successful future in writing. I was so excited about the class, but I learned so much more than I ever expected to.  Your easygoing manner and attention to each one of us made you a great teacher and mentor.  Thank You Carole. Please keep teaching; you are a natural."Cindy Gilbert, Gwinnett Business Owner and Artist

Carole Townsend is a published author, a newspaper correspondent and columnist. She also writes articles for local and national magazines. A former Fortune 500 Marketing executive, Carole brings a unique mix of writing talent and marketing savvy to this exciting workshop.