Charlotte Nash, Chairman Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners

Everyone I know seems to get very busy as the holidays approach – and this year is no exception. Sometimes all it takes is the eager face of a child or the gratitude of a senior to remind us that gifts of time and attention are far more satisfying and rewarding than any gift we can buy.

Donating money or canned goods to a food bank is certainly an easy and much-needed way to help the less fortunate among us. But I’ve found that helping specific people find the services they need can be just as satisfying. 



Seniors and their caregivers can get questions about senior issues answered for free by calling the Senior Helpline at 678.377.4150 Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. It offers up-to-date information on housing, nutrition, social security, legal aid, counseling, education, recreation, rehab services, health care, Medicare and Medicaid, adult abuse and neglect, nursing homes, and much more. To speak to someone in person, please visit the Gwinnett Senior Services Center at 567 Swanson Drive in Lawrenceville. 

Gwinnett also offers senior activity centers with daily planned programs in Buford, Centerville, Lawrenceville, and Norcross. 

Friends of Gwinnett County Senior Services is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization that raises funds to support senior services programs. Call 770.822.8775 or visit for more information.

To help out by giving of your time, please go online to, where you can find unmet needs and volunteer on a one-time or an ongoing basis through our Volunteer Gwinnett program. 

Cold weather shouldn’t chill our willingness to help others. Many folks need a helping hand and there’s no way local governments can provide all the services they need. So please find a way to help others this season. I bet you’ll enjoy the holidays even more if you do!