The practice of holding town hall meetings dates back to colonial America and is one that continues at all levels of government today. The district commissioners and I see these forums as an opportunity for every day residents to share what’s on their mind with elected officials. So in keeping with tradition, we started another series of meetings in March. A total of four will be held this spring.

Preparing my annual State of County speech is always a chance to reflect on what’s great about Gwinnett County. Here are some of this year’s thoughts.

Energy efficiency. Water conservation. Green buildings. Reducing the impact on our water, air, and land. Environmental sustainability means all of these things and more.

On January 6, 2015 my fellow board members and I adopted Gwinnett County’s 2015 Budget. We’re planning to invest about $1.42 billion to operate County services and build new capital facilities for all Gwinnett residents in 2015.

Everyone I know seems to get very busy as the holidays approach – and this year is no exception. Sometimes all it takes is the eager face of a child or the gratitude of a senior to remind us that gifts of time and attention are far more satisfying and rewarding than any gift we can buy.