As Baby Boomers age into retirement by the millions each year, their growing health care needs require more people to administer that care. Home health and personal care aides are generally the same, providing services such as checking vitals, providing companionship, prepping meals and bathing and grooming clients. – USA Today.

Twelve years ago, the “Purple Rain” star, Prince, graced the field at Dolphin Stadium for the Super Bowl XLI halftime performance. Nine years later, he would unexpectedly pass away, leaving behind a legacy of musical genius but also one of financial and legal chaos. What was the issue? Prince neglected to put in place a basic estate plan, leaving potential heirs quarreling over his fortune.

Jackson D. Snell, Sr. 83 of Greensboro, Georgia passed away peacefully, surrounded by family, at his home in Loganville on Tuesday evening, February 26, 2019. Jack was born in 1935, the fourth son of Edwin and Mable Snell of Snellville, Georgia. He married his childhood sweetheart, Barbara Bennett on November 18, 1955. He tearfully laid Barbara to rest in 2002, she was the love of his life and we rejoice at their heavenly reunion.

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“What am I going to do with mama’s china?”

Not surprisingly, that’s almost always the first comment someone makes after signing a lease to move into a senior independent living community. If china isn’t the first thing mentioned, then it’s often something else - a treasured bedroom set - a lawn mower - something.

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Yuck! You just came home to about two to three inches of bilge on your floor. It smells horrible and what do you do? Is it automatically covered by your homeowners policy?

Tracey Wells | Farmers Insurance

Everyone wants to save a buck on their auto insurance, we get it, you don’t want to overpay. If you are a homeowner and you go cheap on auto insurance coverage; your home, equity and other assets are on the table.

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The holiday season is filled with many sights, sounds, and festivities. It can also be filled with a lot of spending. We’ve put together some tips to help you manage your holiday spending this year and next!

Now that the temperature has dropped it is traditionally a great time to get major home improvement projects done. Many times, the contractors are eager to give you deals because they need the work during this slow time.

What is loss assessment coverage? It is one of the most overlooked coverages on a condo/townhouse policy (also available for regular homeowners policies).