Wild Birds Unlimited...
By Beth Volpert-Johansen

Community is literally for the birds at Snellville’s Wild Birds Unlimited. In a big-box world, the smaller boutique shop has to offer something special. In the case of Wild Birds Unlimited, there are several special somethings going on at the local shop that finds a little part of itself in backyards all over the community. 

Your home’s curb appeal

You clean your house weekly, mop the floors, dust and wipe off the furniture, clean the bathrooms and other things to make your house a home to you.  Ah, the feeling and smell of a clean home.

Ladies Workout... success tailored to suit you
By Beth Volpert-Johansen

Working with women since 1995, Kelly Farris has heard every reason for why a woman might shy away from the gym. “Women have a lot on their plate,” says Farris. “Most women find themselves at the bottom of the list, if they make it to the gym at all.”

Grayson Celebrates Heroes

GRAYSON – The 36th Annual Grayson Day on Saturday, April 25th, will be a day of remembering and celebrating our heroes – both big and small - those who have fought for our rights and dignity, stood as role models in our lives, and those who give of themselves to make a difference in our community. We’re dedicating the day to celebrating all the heroes among us!

Give Hunger the Boot fundraiser

During the past three years, Give Hunger the Boot has helped raise more than $30,000 in food and financial donations for the Southeast Gwinnett Food Co-Operative.