Madison Electric Locates in Duluth

Duluth, Georgia - Welcome to Duluth! Madison Electric has made 2605 North Berkley Lake Road their new home.
To celebrate the new location, an all-day celebration took place on March 26th, featuring tours, product demonstrations and a visit from the #11 FedEx NASCAR and racing experts. Madison Electric President Brad Wiandt said the move to Duluth made a lot of sense due to the proximity to major highways as well as other beneficial factors.  

VetBuds Comes To Lawrenceville and Gwinnett

Vetbuds is now hosting a meeting for veterans and veteran support groups located in the Lawrenceville/Gwinnett area. The mission of the VetBuds organization is to provide support for our military veterans, our active duty personnel, and to support other local veteran and troop-related groups and activities.

Loganville dog who made Milk-Bone's 2015 list of “Dogs Who Changed the World.”
By Staff Reports

For Loganville resident Ericka Sutton, golden retriever Paisley is so much more than a pet.  She helps Ericka, who is confined to a wheelchair, with difficult daily activities and serves as an ambassador to educate the Loganville community about people with special needs. 

Wild Birds Unlimited...
By Beth Volpert-Johansen

Community is literally for the birds at Snellville’s Wild Birds Unlimited. In a big-box world, the smaller boutique shop has to offer something special. In the case of Wild Birds Unlimited, there are several special somethings going on at the local shop that finds a little part of itself in backyards all over the community. 

Your home’s curb appeal

You clean your house weekly, mop the floors, dust and wipe off the furniture, clean the bathrooms and other things to make your house a home to you.  Ah, the feeling and smell of a clean home.