Nancy Powell modeling a colorful palette of memorable costumes.

Mrs. Powell’s colorful closet… 

By Beth Volpert

Wearing many hats is sometimes considered a challenge. For teacher and actress, Nancy Powell, wearing many hats is a way to bring learning and characters to life. Many hats and lots of costumes, along with a variety of voices, have allowed the veteran teacher to blend her love of the theater with her love of teaching.

Rachel-Havens-190Heads up!
By Phylecia Wilson

Peachtree Ridge student Rachel Havens has no recollection of being hit in the head during the soccer game that dramatically changed her life in the fall of 2011. She doesn’t recall anything about the game – just, that suddenly she awoke in the hospital.

CEI - Making a difference
Creative Enterprises, Inc. - Making a difference in the lives of our special needs citizens and their families
By Phylecia Wilson

Bob Hartman’s sister knew her brother had a talent for art but when she encouraged him to attend Creative Enterprises Inc (CEI) for an art program, he balked.