Nancy Powell modeling a colorful palette of memorable costumes.

Mrs. Powell’s colorful closet… 

By Beth Volpert

Wearing many hats is sometimes considered a challenge. For teacher and actress, Nancy Powell, wearing many hats is a way to bring learning and characters to life. Many hats and lots of costumes, along with a variety of voices, have allowed the veteran teacher to blend her love of the theater with her love of teaching.

CEI - Making a difference
Creative Enterprises, Inc. - Making a difference in the lives of our special needs citizens and their families
By Phylecia Wilson

Bob Hartman’s sister knew her brother had a talent for art but when she encouraged him to attend Creative Enterprises Inc (CEI) for an art program, he balked.

Amanda G. Pilz, PT, Promotion TherapyGet back on your feet again with renewed hope
By Mike Thomas

Amanda G. Pilz, PT, Promotion Therapy

The car turned left quickly, not noticing the motorcycle coming at 60+ mph in the oncoming lane.  The head-on collision sent me flying 200 feet through the air, breaking nearly every bone on the left side of my body. The helicopter ride was quick, but the recovery seemed like an eternity.

A love of listening to well-read stories begins during infancy when babies recognize your own excitement for reading. At any age, making time to read together, choosing the right book and implementing a story time schedule will put you on the right track to raising an active reader. You should set aside time for story reading each day, but you’ll quickly discover it’s anything but routine. 

Family Promise
By Beth Volpert

Choosing to share a personal story is sometimes a courageous decision. Homelessness has been a recurring topic in the past several months with a near daily call to attention by various service organizations within Gwinnett County. The reasons vary, sometimes it is a domestic issue, sometimes it is transportation, and sometimes it is illness, but what it rarely seems to be is anything short of a last resort. Leaving your home, your children’s toys, clothes and food behind might seem like an unlikely scenario, but it is real. It is a reality each and every day here in Gwinnett.