Chrissy Thomas, RN, BSN,Do you know how much experience counts?
By Chrissy Thomas, RN, BSN

Having been in the cosmetic industry for 17 years I have had the opportunity to see a variety of situations, products, treatments and providers and the culmination of that experience has shaped the business model of About Face Skin Care. Of course, I had heard the stories and seen the media coverage of overdone cosmetic procedures and I admit I was apprehensive about being a part of this world.

Home Sweet Home - The Salvation Army working in Gwinnett
By Beth Volpert

Courage in the face of hunger, fear of sleeping in your car and the very thought of possibly placing your children in an insecure situation is not something most people think about on a daily basis, but for too many, it is a reality. Homelessness is not defined by any one word. It is complex and can take place for any socioeconomic status in the blink of a pink slip. With a society living paycheck to paycheck, regardless of income, homelessness is a state that can occur within a very short amount of time. Courage in the face of fear is a start. Finding help is the next step. The Salvation Army’s Home Sweet Home program is a compassionate place to start. 

Gail Stroud, when she was recognized by the board for her 50 years of service.

Fifty years of nursing sees many changes
By Phylecia Wilson

If you mention the name of RN Gail Stroud to any staff member who has worked with her at Gwinnett Medical Center (GMC), one word comes to mind – passion. That’s because Stroud is not only passionate about the patients to whom she has given care since 1963, but because of her passion  as an advocate throughout her career to improve Gwinnett citizen’s lives through better health care facilities.

L. C. Johnson (Left), Gwinnett County resident, donates much of his time to help others and has been a father figure to many. Pictured is L.C. Johnson (L) with Major Glenn Fite (R), retired Salvation Army Officer.
A community treasure: LC Johnson
By Beth Volpert

“My dad was not only a great provider growing up,” says Daryl Keith Johnson, “He gave me lots of inspiration, knowledge and support. I was really grateful for that.”

Storyteller and New York Times best-selling children’s book author Carmen Deedy joins the following GCPS Broadcast and Distance Learning team members (L-R): Faraz Ahmed, producer and Brookwood High graduate; Greg LaHatte, GCPS director of broadcast and distance learning; Carmen Deedy, author and host for "Love that Book!"; Kolinda Scialabba, information specialist and writer/producer for "Love that Book!"; Bruce Lennox, broadcast production specialist; Glenn Ballard, media technology manager and director for "Love that Book!"; Randall Tolliver, editor.

GCPS TV honored with 2013 EMMY Award

The Southeast Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recently presented Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) with an EMMY Award for “Love that Book!” a local GCPS TV production. GCPS TV was announced as a winner during the 2013 Southeast Regional EMMY Awards Gala on Saturday, June 8, 2013, in Atlanta. At the event, the Academy recognized the most experienced and talented television professionals from all disciplines of the industry from the Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Asheville, NC, television markets.