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Georgia DOT Showcases Winter Preparations

ATLANTA - Georgia DOT Commissioner Russell R. McMurry today hosted a press conference to discuss the Department’s readiness for upcoming winter weather.

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GCPS Crossing Guard receives honors

A GCPS crossing guard who helped save the lives of some students has received a commendation for his actions. On October 28, Crossing Guard Jeffrey Kenny was in the crosswalk in front of Hopkins Elementary School when he saw a car skidding on the wet pavement toward three children who were in the crosswalk.

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Judy Patterson Legacy Memorial Scholarship… Archer remembers community leader
By Julie Rizzo 
with Beth Volpert Johansen

Among the many available scholarships offered to students at Archer High School, one stands out as a shining example of an extraordinary commitment to the students of the surrounding community. The Judy Patterson Legacy Memorial Scholarship began as a way for her husband, Stacy, to come to terms with her loss.

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You have the power - Buy American Made!
By John L. Byrwa

The message, like most of a divine nature, came to Clyde Strickland in a most unusual way.

But it came nonetheless, and Strickland, a God-fearing soul of 76 years, knew in his heart that he had dare not deny its validity nor ignore its import.

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