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From left to right: Laura Meadows, Director, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia, Richard Mayberry, Dorothy Hubbard, Mayor, Albany; Chair, Municipal Training Board

Mayberry Receives Certificate of Achievement
By Staff Reports

ATLANTA (March 12, 2014) - Braselton Councilmember Richard Mayberry received the prestigious Certificate of Achievement from the Georgia Municipal Training Institute at the Georgia Municipal Association's (GMA) Annual Mayors' Day Conference in Atlanta on January 26.

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Fine arts: Appreciation will last a life time
By Beth Volpert

Support for the arts is of great importance, but when you are at the helm of one of the largest fine arts programs, support is just the beginning. A good leader must also have the experience to guide students and educators for the best possible results.

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Education is evolving and at Greater Atlanta Christian School they are constantly keeping up

Raising children with character and a calling
By  Christine M. Martinello

What is a good quality education?  That question is on the heart and mind of every teacher, politician, school administrator, parent, and student.  With all the rapid changes happening in the world, education is evolving.

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Mayor Johnson discusses city business with Councilman Keith Roche (right), and City Manager Robert Baroni. Johnson was a city council member before being elected mayor in 2010.

Triple J heads Lawrenceville
By Randy Cox

Triple J sounds like the name of a popular singer, but in Lawrenceville… she’s the mayor of the city. Judy Jordan Johnson, the first lady mayor of Lawrenceville.

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Healthy heart advocate, Kimberly Goodloe, 5 year anniversary

A heartfelt anniversary… Kimberly’s heart journey
By Beth Volpert 

Five years ago, life changed in a major way for Kimberly Goodloe. Born with an abnormal heart valve, Kimberly was told that she would eventually need a replacement, but a person as organized, skilled and faithful as Kimberly can plan for something like that… right? The game changer came one morning in the form of shortness of breath.

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