Dance Mixer Magic
By Beth Volpert

Love really does show on the faces of couples who are in love. That is exactly how this writer found Donna and Charles Broome. Their love for one another was obvious on a rainy, cold January morning when I walked into Parkside Bakery to meet a friend. In fact, it was magic enough to compel me to interrupt their breakfast to ask them how long they had been married.

Lacy Leathers

I cannot believe that this will be my last monthly column for the Gwinnett Citizen! I have thoroughly enjoyed writing and reporting various stories throughout this past year. I have met and had the pleasure of working with so many awesome people in our local area.

My niece, Gracie, is an unstoppable force of a human being.  She has an amazing love for her family, a true dedication to her friends, a freakishly intelligent brain (we are still wondering how that happened), a natural outer beauty that needs no makeup, a faith in Jesus that is rock solid, and a confidence that is mind blowing. She is also taking on the beauty pageant scene with a passion that is teaching her that beauty isn’t just skin deep, but truly the heart of the person.