Dave Emanuel, Cut to the Chase

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It was easy to ignore. And that’s what most people did. Sure, there was some amount of hand-wringing and head shaking, but news that 11-year old Jane Doe was missing didn’t elicit much of a response outside of immediate friends and family members. In most people’s minds, Jane was just another young girl who had run away because her parents wouldn’t buy her the latest iPhone or a pair of $150 shoes.

Dave Emanuel

For most people, a dog is the family member who is always glad to see you and wants little more than some of your time, regular meals and a decent place to sleep. But for some people, a dog is much more than a pet. For them, “man’s best friend” can mean the difference between the captivity of an institution and the freedom to live, move about, or to overcome once debilitating events.

Child sex trafficking is happening in our own backyards.

Georgia state senator Renee Unterman is on a mission, one that began almost 10 years ago. That mission should have ended within a few months of its beginning, yet it has become a decade-long battle, with the end only now in sight.

Dave Emanuel

The Promise of JV Sports- Denied
By Dave Emanuel

Middle and high school level sports programs exist outside academic disciplines, yet they often teach lessons that are just as valuable as those learned in classrooms. The mission statements of many schools fully support that concept, and the statement of Beachwood High School (in Ohio) does a particularly good job of capturing the essence of school sports.

Dave EmanuelBeware of scams
By Dave Emanuel


It’s a new year. We have a new president, a new Congress and a new Super Bowl champion. But we also have some of the same old things, among them, miracle cures, diets that don’t work and scam artists. While the latter may be promoters of the former, their approach is typically much more brazen than simply attempting to convince you to purchase something; their intentions are to separate you from your money, your possessions or your personal information by any means possible.

Water Works- Gwinnett County style
By Dave Emanuel

Recently, I had the opportunity to do a podcast interview with Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners Chairperson Charlotte Nash. Ms. Nash covered a variety of topics, one of which was the importance of ensuring adequate water supplies.