Katie Hart Smith

There is extraordinary in the ordinary. As human beings, we are blessed with infinite possibilities that can shape who we are and what we choose to do in life.

The most life-altering advances in our culture began with an ordinary individual. An individual who had a spark, a spirit, a passion to either find the answer to a question, make a difference, or change the current course of time.

Think of Sir Isaac Newton. He was born prematurely and failed to fulfill his birthright as a farmer. As he watched an apple fall from a tree, he wanted to answer the question, “What was that force pulling on that apple?” As a result, he developed the Universal Law of Gravitation in the late 1600’s.

Think of Clara Barton. She was a nurse who recognized that soldiers involved in the Battle of the First Bull Run suffered from a lack of medical supplies in the field. What was her call to action? She organized and distributed donated medical equipment and materials, founding the Red Cross in 1881. Her desire to change the current course of time began with a simple idea. Over one hundred and thirty years later, the work of the Red Cross spans the globe.

Think of Sir Alexander Fleming. He followed his heart into the field of bacteriology and discovered one of the greatest advances in therapeutics, one that made the difference between life and death for those who suffered from blood infection from a simple cut or scrape. What did Fleming discover in 1928? Penicillin.

The extraordinary – ideas, solutions, and the infinite possibilities that creates positive change in this world – originates from an ordinary individual. One who sees themselves as part of the solution. One who strives for changes that impact their environment.  One who has the vision to see beyond themselves to question the status quo and dare to change the direction of the current course.

A single rock can help build a cathedral.

A single steel rod can help build a skyscraper.

A single human being can help build a better world.

Within every person, regardless of how ordinary they may view themselves, is the potential to make a positive impact and a difference in life. You hold the key that unlocks your door to your gifts and talents. What is that burning desire that lies within your heart?  

Within every person, the impossible is possible.

When you look into the mirror and into the eyes and hearts of those you have met along life’s journey, can you see the extraordinary?

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