Katie Hart Smith

Happy New Year to you! As you opened the kitchen cabinets or refrigerator in search for your breakfast fixings this morning, were you looking for coffee, fruit juice, cereal, or eggs? The other day, I did that very thing and then decided to for-go whipping up an egg white omelet and instead chose to eat nanner puddin’ (Southern translation: “banana pudding”) that morning. 

Why? Why did I throw all nutritional logic out the window even after hearing my mother’s grandmother’s voices in my head telling me that there is a certain order to the day and that dessert is never eaten at breakfast-time let alone before your meal? Sound familiar?



Routines can become boring. When we do the same activities or eat the same kinds of foods, day in and day out, we tend to blindly walk through the day, forgetting to stop and savor the flavors, and appreciate the beauty all around you, in the people, places, and in those things that nourish and feed our hearts and souls. While some find comfort in structure, it’s important that we remain mindful in our daily living. Every day, take steps to take great care of yourself. Be good to yourself. Learn to speak to your soul with kind words as if you were speaking to a dear friend.

As we kick off 2019, know that I write “From the Heart” from my heart to yours because I care about each and every one of you, your health and spiritual well-being. Please know that you are never alone and I pray that you find the time to do a little more of what makes you happy. This year, I encourage you to find time to play, indulge (just a little), laugh, and find joy in the moments. And, on rare occasions, eat nanna puddin’ in the mornin’. 

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