Marlene Ratledge Buchanen

Well, I did it!!!! I really did it. I have written a book. It is a compilation of essays. Some are based on columns I have written, but most are new material. I hope you will be interested in it and find it humorous. That was my goal, anyway.

It has been a long, hard haul. I didn’t think it would be. I thought: I will write, find a publisher, and it will be done. Oh no, it is not at all like that.



I have a terrible flaw for one thing. I am The Comma Queen. When I was in high school and college I was taught to use longer sentences, joined by commas and conjunctions. Have you ever read something that was one sentence and eight lines long? That is what I turned into. My teacher told me to lengthen my sentences. They were too short. Now they are too long. Oh well. Can’t make everyone happy.

I have a Facebook page: Marlene Ratledge Buchanan. I also have a web site: I have them because the publisher made them. I have to learn what to do with them. You can write directly to me at It might take me a few days, but I will answer your note.

My book is available at www. I will have book signings and you can find out about those at I want to say that I am not tooting my own horn, but Hey — I wrote a book!!!