Samson lurking around the corner

Any of you who know my son James will understand that Snell and I are very lucky to have only four cats in the livestock pen, AKA our house. Each and every one was a foundling and has his or her story. All of their stories deal with jerks-- humans.

Snell and Marlene Buchanan

Did you meet your spouse or significant other and just know “this is the one”? I have to tell you a little story about Snell and me.

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas - and it was just Halloween!  I understand that there are only eight weeks between Halloween and Christmas, and that during that time we have to squeeze in Thanksgiving.  Retailers make the majority of their profits during these weeks.  I do understand all that.  However, I hate Christmas shopping.  I really do. 

My father, James E. Ratledge would be 100 years old this November 21.  After he died, Mama said he never left.  He was still sitting in his recliner, waiting for her.  I believe it.  I think Mama is sitting on my right shoulder and Daddy is on left one.  Both are whispering in my ear. 

Hey Y'all
Trick or Treat
By Marlene Ratledge Buchanen

My husband Snell said that people did not dress in costumes and go Trick or Treating when he was growing up.  What a terrible shame.  My best friend and next door neighbor Dotti and I lived for Halloween.  Our mothers, however, did not. Well, maybe a little.