My father, James E. Ratledge would be 100 years old this November 21.  After he died, Mama said he never left.  He was still sitting in his recliner, waiting for her.  I believe it.  I think Mama is sitting on my right shoulder and Daddy is on left one.  Both are whispering in my ear. 

My husband Snell said that people did not dress in costumes and go Trick or Treating when he was growing up.  What a terrible shame.  My best friend and next door neighbor Dotti and I lived for Halloween.  Our mothers, however, did not. Well, maybe a little.

The names of some of the people involved have been changed to protect the incompetents.

This is a true story.  My husband’s cousin Charles has been sick for some time and he died sometime early morning on January 6.

I didn’t always look like this.   My ta-tas were high and perky. I once had an inny for a waist. 38-26-34. If I had only known the power I could have had then.

Marlene Ratledge Buchanan

We have had such beautiful spring weather recently. The temperatures have been in the 70’s and low 80’s. The pollen count has been in the thousands.