Ah, it’s over.  My favorite time of the year: Christmas. I believe that I can say, finally, I am maxed out on the festivities. Oh, I don’t mean that I am tired of the actual reason that we celebrate Christmas; that is a year-long, life-long celebration. Rather, I am maxed out on the trappings of the season.

Published: 2015-01-03 15:52

Merry Christmas to you, Dad
By Carole Townsend
(not so) Common Sense

When you’ve lost someone you love, it’s funny how thoughts of that person pop into your head, no matter how long ago you lost him. My dad died in March of last year, at the admirable old age of 93.  Even now, I’ll go to pick up the phone to call him, to share some news with him, and it hits me. I can’t do that any more. He’s gone.

Are you full? I am. I’m full of turkey and dressing of course, but I’m also full of love, hope, and promise as well. I think it’s safe to say that our family enjoyed our best Thanksgiving ever this past week, and for that, I’m also full of gratitude. All of our children were here, and our granddaughter was here too, enjoying her first Thanksgiving ever.

Published: 2014-12-03 15:52

Food. Is there another word in the Southern English Dictionary that stirs as much emotion in us? I doubt it. Here in Dixie, we console our loved ones with it. We console ourselves with it. We celebrate with food. We entertain with food. We eat when we’re bored, and we eat when we’re excited. Food, and its skillful preparation, are as much an art form to us Southerners as are painting and music.

Published: 2014-11-25 15:52