Tis the season to be giving to the less fortunate! With the time of cheer under way, the generosity we feel starts to extend to others who need it most. But what if the donations you made for the season not only helped others, but yourself too?

Published: 2018-01-05 13:26
Emily Williams

Women since the early 1900’s had to fight for equality, but even today women continue to be treated unequally. Whether it’s people making assumptions about their jobs or PE teachers favoring the boys, girls as a group still feel the need to defend themselves because of stereotypes that have never ended.

Published: 2017-12-28 12:31

10 simple words that ignited a longing for a new destination. Ever since I was little, I admired Macaulay Culkin’s lonesome trip to the Big Apple and promised myself that I would one day experience the luxuries of the same city during the holiday season. When that moment finally came, it did not disappoint.

Published: 2018-01-07 13:26