Letter to the Editor:
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A day in the life of two North Georgia teenage girls
8:00 PM Early Saturday night  two 19 year old girls, all dressed and perfumed up are traveling down McEver Road, Gainesville on the way to a friend’s house for some weekend socializing fun.



Blue lights appear in the rear view mirror. OOPS Speeding ... 62 in a 45mph zone. The officer approaches the car and smells a sweetness coming from the vehicle. Requests a search and with nothing to hide, my daughter, the driver, consents. 

A couple of stupid, careless kids growing up with empty heads full of mush: YES

A justice system best serving the needs of the people: NO

A Justice system has only one purpose: To keep society running smoothly.

Ours has lost its way.

Come Election Day, look very closely at the current elected officials running our local and state Justice systems. It needs to be scrutinized badly. These are Georgia State Law and effects all our counties, well intended but not thought out very well.

My observation here in Hall County: Judge Deal (Governor’s son), A Good Guy, a Keeper.

Thanks for the read, and enjoy your day,

David B. Cross: (Disheartened, Tired Father)