Seeing multi-millionaires run, fall, get up, run, fall, get up ad nauseam with silly high-fives bored me so much I quit watching NFL football.

When the spectacle ends, they climb into luxury cars wearing flashy jewelry, drive to lavish homes, enjoy fine cuisine, dress in designer’s clothing then head out for an evening of convincing their naïve minions what princely legends they will become.



I won’t spend my money to further the myopic careers of NFL kneelers. Anti-Old Glory conduct creates resentment which triggers hostility leading to friction. Dissent engenders mimicry; the monkey sees monkey do syndrome.

I wonder if they care that approximately 300 sailors died in the Cruiser Indianapolis when it was sunk or that many of our brothers and fathers were eaten by sharks as their flag disappeared below the waves.

I wonder if they remember the five Sullivan brothers who drowned when the Light Cruiser USS Juneau was sunk.

If the kneelers do not know about thousands of pilots and crewmen who died to protect their opportunity to become wealthy they should hang their heads in shame.

I wonder if they ever think about the death toll of our military on Guam, Peleliu, at Normandy, Bastogne, Anzio, in Germany, on Midway, in Korea, France, Italy, Manila, on Iwo Jima, Saipan, Tinian, Attu, Mariana, at El Alamein, on Corregidor, Okinawa, in Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, on the Marshall Islands, in the Coral Sea and many more killing fields.

There were 16 million Americans in uniform during WWII. Thousands died fighting under the red, white and blue.

My only brother was killed in Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge. I received his flag when my dad died.

One of my sons served 20 years in the army. My other son served in Vietnam. A grandson has been in the navy for 25 years. We revere the Stars and Stripes.

I served in the Navy in WW II, attacked by Stuka-dive bombers, German UBoats, and scared stiff when coastal 88’s blew gaping holes in my ship. I was sustained by our flag snapping briskly atop our mainmast.

An American flag whips inspirationally on my home.

If any of the crew aboard our ship had shown disrespect for our flag, they would have been court-martialed and dishonorably discharged. During the era of tall ships, they would have been flayed bare-back, keel-hauled and forced to walk the plank.

Disrespect for the flag would not have been condoned.

The average lifespan of ancient cultures was 200 years. We are 41 years beyond the average. They disappeared mostly from internal decay. Kneelers are advancing our country closer to anarchy.

If football kneelers dislike it here so fervently, they have the inalienable right to leave and go where suicide bombers are trained, and cultural idiocy taught from infancy. You will be remembered about as long as what’s his name?

I belong to a cadre of military veterans. Before each meeting, we salute the flag and pledge allegiance including the words under God.

Those people who demean our flag have never been handed a folded one.

~ Bill York, Lawrenceville, GA

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