I'm writing to thank Congressman Rob Woodall for voting "Yes" on the most recently passed Omnibus Budget bill.  Certainly, there were things in the bill I did not like, and things I wish could have been included.  And I'm sure the congressman felt the same way.  But there was more good than bad in my opinion.  And there was one particularly important part of the bill that I know the congressman supported.  That was the $414m in increased funding for Alzheimer's disease research.

Letter to the Editor:

Dear Governor Deal,

As a mom of two children in GA colleges and another son going to college next year, I have spent much time on college campuses. 

Letter to the Editor:

As a parent with children in Gwinnett County Public Schools, I will be voting “yes” for the continuation of the education SPLOST on the county ballot this November 3rd and I encourage all parents to do the same. 

Letter to the Editor: We have to do something!

I am a resident of Haynes Crossing, on Grayson Parkway, for 13 years; our sister community is Haynes Preserve.

The other communities also bordering Grayson Parkway and Ridgedale Drive SW I am absolutely sure are highly concerned over the increase of car accidents and deaths at this  intersection, as well as on the 'curve' in the road fronting Haynes Crossing. We have to do something!