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Senior Center lowers ages for members, sets group rates

Senior Center lowers ages for members, sets group rates

Snellville – The city’s Senior Center has lowered the membership age from 62 to 55, a move city officials say will increase participation at the facility. 

The moves comes after Parks and Recreation Director Lisa Platt said the department, which oversees the Senior Center, has had many requests to lower the current age limit for members to join. The age of 62 was chosen because it would allow the Center to receive certain grant monies. However, the obligation to follow those requirements has expired.   

“Based on the current trend of many people retiring at earlier ages and the many requests of our current members and visitors to the Center, our staff did some research and based on similar local agencies, population trends and following AARP, the Snellville Parks and Recreation Department requested the Park Advisory Board to vote on lowering the current membership age from 62 down to 55,” Platt said. “It approved this change.”

The Council officially approved the measure Monday also voted to change the fees for groups for the first time since the Center opened in 2006. Not only will this allow the smaller groups to have more affordable fees, but it will streamline the use of the facility allowing for parks and recreation staff to create new programs and better current ones sponsored by the city.  

The new group membership rates are as follows:

Group Membership (under 25 members) $6.50 per visit

Group Membership (26 – 50 members) $8.50

Group Membership (51-100) $10.50

Group Membership (over 100) $12.50

For more information on the Snellville Senior Center call 770-985-3580.