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Skin Alley Transformed with “Tumblefield” Mural

The before and after photos of Skin Alley says it all. The once mundane cinderblock building that could be seen by both drivers and pedestrians from the Alley, Lillian Webb Park and downtown, has now been transformed into a work of art.

Posting a selfie in front of  “Tumblefield"

Enacted by the Norcross Public Arts Commission (NPAC), the vision for Skin Alley ArtWay is to create a colorful, welcoming and engaging space for the entire community to enjoy and experience. The Skin Alley mural is just a starting point of creativity for the new ArtWay.

Mural Building Photo 3190The building before the mural began.

“The Skin Alley mural is the first brush stroke of what is to come for the City of Norcross’ new ArtWay,” commented Cindy Flynn, president, Norcross Public Arts Commission. “Our vision is to develop the area into a cultural gathering place for Norcross where art exhibits, musical, dance, culinary arts and other types of artistic endeavors will be enjoyed.”  

The mural, titled “Tumblefield,” will be the cornerstone to the Alley.  The mural narrative entails that Norcross is known for its red foxes, which can be known to be playful and mischievous. The design combines the whimsical feel of play against a backdrop of abstractedelements that have intentionality from the artist but are open to interpretation by the viewer. Other design subtleties include birds that represent positive omens of change and homage to Norcross parks; circular elements that represent community; and linear elements representing train tracks. 

After much deliberation, the NPAC chose two highly qualified local artists to collaborate on the mural—Lauren Pallotta and Jon Graham. Pallotta is a painter, designer and illustrator in Atlanta. Graham is an Ahsville, NC based artist working primarily within the two-dimensional realm who travels around the country painting murals, moments and ideas. The NPAC also worked with the commissioned design firm, KSDesign, to bring the mural to life.

Mural guidelines were provided to the artists to ensure the finished product accurately reflected the City of Norcross’ community. This included being colorful, vibrant, light and playful; incorporation of architectural elements; large-scale; thought-provoking design with surrounding elements; optimistic, uplifting and inspiring; welcoming to all ages, cultures, walks of all lifewithout political undertones; artwork may be literal or figurative but should have a message or story.

The final concept was presented to focus groups as well as the community for input. The Architectural Review Board, the mayor and city council then approved it.

In celebration of the completed mural, a champagne toast was held at Skin Alley on Thursday, November 17th at 5 p.m. City dignitaries, NPAC board members, the community focus group, and artists all gathered to celebrate the momentous occasion. During the celebration, NPAC also presented Keif Schleifer, principal, KSDesign, with its first annual Artful Imagination Award.

Citizens and visitors are encouraged to join in the celebration and awareness of the Skin Alley mural by posting a selfie with Norcross’ newest masterpiece to social media and tagging the photos with Norcross Public Arts Commission “npac”, or hashtag #SelfieinSkinAlley#FoxyNorcross. Look for more to come from the City of Norcross acclaimed Skin Alley ArtWay!

About City of Norcross
Incorporated in 1870, the City of Norcross has been very busy securing a solid standing as both an eco-conscious community and world-class art district in the nearly century and a half since. Voted Gwinnett County’s “Best Arts & Cultural Scene” by Gwinnett Magazine, Norcross has become well-known for its unconventional public artsprojects. In addition to earning both Gold and Silver Level awards as a “Green Community” from the Atlanta Regional Commission, Norcross has been recognized as a “Best Green Government” by Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful and “Tree City USA” by The Arbor Day Foundation. The Sustainable Norcross Commission has earned regional applause for its efforts to spearhead the City’s local pro-environment practices. The city’s famed tree canopy, 11 parks and more than 31 acres of beautifully maintained public green space serve as popular gathering spaces for residents and visitors alike. A jam-packed calendar ofevents and eclectic collection of shops and restaurants serve to keep the historic downtown area bustling year-round. Creative souls from all walks of life are encouraged to “come unwind” and enjoy the positive energy that earns Norcross its reputation as “a place to imagine.”