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Snellville’s Harris Houston Memorial Adopt a Road

On May 30, 2018, Jan Snell Houston, friends and family joined together to participate in the first Adopt a Road for Harris Houston Memorial Clean up. Wisteria Drive was selected by his mother Jan because her Daddy, Hugh, grew up at his parents, Gladstone and Clemmie Snell, family home place facing 78 and backing up to the cemetery and what became Wisteria Drive.

Jan Snell Houston, Johnny Kay Collier, LuAnne Snell Manry, Pam Snell Moon, James Buchanan

Later Hugh and his wife Doris raised their family on the property on Wisteria facing the cemetery and going down to Hwy 78. Wisteria Drive was home to several of her family members, including William and Bobbie Buchanan. The Snellville Historical Cemetery is where Harris and many of Jan’s family are buried.

The next clean-up day will be August 26 at 4:00, after which Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful will designate Wisteria Drive as the Harris Houston Memorial Adopt a Road Project. To participate or learn more about this project check out the Facebook page Adopt a Road for Harris Houston or