Life interrupted
By Will Zant

As a pastor, I am often asked, “When do you write your sermons?” I can honestly say there's no definite time each week my writing occurs. Although, I work hard at clearing out time in my schedule, admittedly it is hard. The reason is simple.



There are always interruptions. It can range from a logistical question about a church matter, a sudden tragedy in the church or someone who simply would like to share how God is working in their lives. 

In Matthew 1:23, we learn that Jesus will be called, “'Emmanuel', which means God is with us.” We are reminded that when Jesus came to this earth he was fully 'with us'. We've all been guilty at times of being distracted when others want us to be 'with them.' As a parent, my 3 year old daughter has told me on occasions, 'dad, you're not listening.' We too have been on the other end when others are cautiously checking their watch when we are speaking. Jesus is a God who is with us. 

If you are like me, maybe one way we can all better serve as agents of God's grace is to view interruptions as part of our work. 

Will Zant is Co-Senior Pastor, along with his wife Blair, at Cannon United Methodist Church in Snellville. He can be reached at