“The Great American Eclipse of 2017” made its way across the nation. What does it mean? Scripture tells us that God made two great lights and the stars on the fourth day. They were created for signs and seasons for days, years and to give light upon the earth. (cf. Genesis 1:14-19)

Even in 2017 the sun, moon, and stars are still a mystery as to their existence and how they work and how far away they are. There are only theories about their make up and age along with their place in the sky. They are so orderly that for thousands of years their place through out the ages can be traced.



A very special alignment is coming up on September 23, 2017. Apparently, this alignment has never happened before nor will it happen again. This alignment seems to be described in Revelation 12:1-2. Some have said that this will begin the tribulation period, the rapture or the coming of the anti-christ. So are you paying attention to the times and epochs? Do these signs have any significance to our future? How are we to put into perspective these creation events when they come upon us. They are happening but to what importance for us? It seems to me that most of those who say they know what these signs meant in the past have shown that they don’t. So how do the children of the Almighty, loving God interpret these things?

Robert Thompson has been the senior pastor of Chapel Woods Presbyterian Church in Snellville since May 2003. He graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary in 1986. Robert is also Chairman of the Board of Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship. He and his wife Wanda have been married for 43 years. They have three adult daughters, Amanda and twins Rebecca and Sarah. Amanda is married to Jerry Jones and they have three daughters of their own. Rebecca is married to Wesley Payton; they have two sons. Sarah is married to Mark Magdziarz and they have two daughters and two sons.

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