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Summer volunteer opportunities available

Summer volunteer opportunities available
We’ve got art. We’ve got history. Now, all we need is YOU!

GRAYSON – The Grayson Arts & History Center is looking for volunteers of all ages to work throughout the weeks during the summer and into the fall and holiday seasons. “We’re looking for people with a love of the arts, history, or Grayson … or all three!”

Gail Lane, Grayson’s Community Development Director, says this is a great opportunity for those new to our community as well as long-time residents who are looking for an experience grounded in community involvement and fellowship. 

grayson190 PhotographyWoodworkAcrylic1Left: The Grayson Gallery is proud to show the art of local artists and craftsmen and includes jewelry, pottery, textiles, and mixed-medium as well as  photography, acrylic paintings, and woodworking as seen in this photo.

“We would welcome students who are looking to be part of something productive this summer as well as those who are just looking to be involved in activities that have ties to Grayson,” Lane said. “The volunteer positions are not strenuous nor do they require great knowledge of the area. We are seeking those with a desire to be involved and a willingness to learn the rich history of our community.” 

The Grayson Arts & History Center is located at 2070 Rosebud Road in Grayson and recently celebrated a grand reopening and a format that includes an art gallery and classes. 

If you are interested in being part of the Grayson Arts & History Center, please contact Gail Lane at or at (770) 963-8017.