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Mountain View High School

The inspirational film "Full Count" is set to release in summer of 2019. The film is directed by Robert Eagar and stars Mountain View graduate John Paul Kakos.

Full Count: A story about baseball and life

In high school, baseball was his everything. He lived and breathed the sport. Making it to the major leagues was the ultimate goal for John Paul Kakos, but after a series of injuries, he had no choice but to turn in the bat.

John Paul Kakos

Mountain View Grad Lands Leading Role in Full Count

In the spring of 2017, when John Paul Kakos walked off the Mountain View High School baseball field for the last time as a senior, it was a bittersweet moment. It was the end of his baseball career and the start of a new chapter in his life. John Paul had dreamed of playing baseball in college and beyond, but several shoulder injuries caused him to rethink his path.

Brad Toren and Mary Grace Gaddy

Gwinnett’s at it again!

This past summer our immediate staff (family and Meredith who is like family but much calmer) made a decision by not making a decision.  None of us went on vacation. By late August we were a pleasant but zombie like group.

Photo by Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

Trump this

I will forever think of fall 2013 as the time when I realized that for all the blessings I was born with: great family, an unforgettable singing voice and the ability to NEVER sun burn, I was ripped off by  having short legs.

Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography


“Home of the Bears” is a charming nickname for Mountain View High School but it became more than a little ironic,