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Save From Drowning

John Newsome stands in his living room with family, friends and neighbors who helped save his life. L-R: David Kittner (next-door neighbor); Maureen “Moe” Kittner, Flight Nurse with Critical Care Certification working for Angel MedFlight; Giovanni Newsome, Freshman football player at Athens Academy; John Newsome; Tracy Salas, Respiratory Therapist at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, and Jesse Salas, a Senior at Brookwood High School. As a neighborhood lifeguard, Jesse helped perform CPR on John.

A Close Shave in Snellville, Georgia

Survivors will often say that near-death experiences can bring out the best in people and reveal what’s really important in life — things like family, community, and faith.

Ellen takes pride in her son’s swimming abilities. “It all started with me!” she said (laughter). (L-R) Ellen, Tina, and Art Totten.

Right place, at right time for heroic beach rescue

Art and Tina Totten both have demanding jobs; both are respiratory therapists at Gwinnett Medical Center. Art works in Adult Intensive Care, and Tina in Neonatal Intensive Care. So when they headed down to the beach in June for a little rest and relaxation, they were both ready to unwind and enjoy some peace and quiet. Fate, (and Tropical Storm Cindy), on the other hand, had different plans.