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Stepping Stones


My best friend is my identical twin sister, Malia. I like being a twin because I always have someone to talk to who understands exactly how I feel. My mom always says I have a built in best friend.

Carnegie Hall

Just about everyone nowadays listens to music. It has become a major importance in society, and many people surround their lives around it. Being a musician means that you are one of those people that surrounds their life in music, practicing every day until you are satisfied with how you played.

Emily Williams

What the next generation of women need to know

Women since the early 1900’s had to fight for equality, but even today women continue to be treated unequally. Whether it’s people making assumptions about their jobs or PE teachers favoring the boys, girls as a group still feel the need to defend themselves because of stereotypes that have never ended.

“Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal. And a happy New Year.”

10 simple words that ignited a longing for a new destination. Ever since I was little, I admired Macaulay Culkin’s lonesome trip to the Big Apple and promised myself that I would one day experience the luxuries of the same city during the holiday season. When that moment finally came, it did not disappoint.