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The OTC Comedy Troupe Will Pie it Forward in Memory of Robin Williams

The OTC Comedy Troupe will Pie it Forward in memory of Robin Williams 

Help the  OTC Comedy Troupe honor Robin Williams in a benefit for Parkinson Foundation at Lionheart Theatre on Saturday, August 22nd at 8:00 p.m.

Tickets are just $10 per person.  The OTC show uses the art of comedy improvisation and audience suggestions to help the actors create scenes on the spot and allow participant a chance to be the star of the show.  Each show is new and different and no performance is exactly the same.  The show will include OTC signature pieces such as Sounds Like a Song, Clips and Phrases and Irish Drinking Song.  This show is a fundraiser and the proceeds will be donated to the Parkinson Foundation in honor of the late Robin Williams. 
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“This is our second annual Pie it Forward Comedy Show. My mother has Parkinson’s and one of our other cast members – Michael Parker also has a family member who is also affected by this disease – so it’s personal,” explained Kelley Cody-Grimm, the OTC Artistic Director.  “We want to help find a cure so others don’t have to see their family members go through this.”

Pie it forward1190“Robin Williams was the comedy world’s Pavarotti – he had perfect pitch and timing. The idea that he’s no longer with us still stings,” continued Cody-Grimm.  “One way to honor his memory is to take one of his signature scenes from Ms. Doubtfire where he puts a pie in his own face and says ‘HELLO!!’.   We recreate that scene with whipped cream pies and invite our audience to join us.  How many times do you get to have a group pie in the face?  And it’s for a good cause.”  

Lionheart Theatre is located at 10 College St., Norcross, GA 30071.  To purchase tickets in advance or make a donation to the Parkinson Foundation – go to

For more information on the OTC Comedy Troupe including upcoming performances, corporate trainings, special events, upcoming workshops, and the web show Ghost Wanderers please visit or call 678-464-0115.