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Whether to Weather Life’s Storms

As I glanced outside the office window that overlooks the garden in the backyard, I watched the tropical storm rains pelt the panes of glass while the winds ripped through the trees, tearing leaves from the branches. The trees swayed and swirled in circles, clock-wise then counter-clock-wise, as the winds quickly changed direction. Overhead, loud thuds and thumps made me step backward; realizing branches were breaking and striking the roof.

I watched a century-old hardwood bend nearly ninety degrees before it snapped and crashed to the soggy ground. The window panes rattled, and pictures shifted on the walls with the force of the falling tree.

The day following the destructive storm, I noticed some trees were completely unaffected; some were broken and tattered, while others uprooted. Isn’t that so true with each one of us? When the storms of life hit without warning, some tend to embrace the dance and sway in the high winds to avoid becoming broken. Others break and fall apart, believing they were alone and helpless, without support or anyone to lean on. So, how do you remain calm in the storm?

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” ~ Exodus 14:14.

As a new year is ushered in, avoid bringing yesterday’s storms into the new day. Life’s challenges are unavoidable, but it is how we respond to them and how we choose, whether to weather life’s storms, that can make or break us. Through life’s trials, you are not alone. Know that everyone matters; everyone has meaning. Surround yourself with the love and support of family and/or friends. Remain firmly grounded, nourishing your roots with joy, peace, and love. When you need help, lift your prayers to the heavens. You are never alone. God is always with you, even in life’s darkest storms.

”Yet when they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, the Lord brought them out of their distress. He calmed the storm and its waves quieted down. So they rejoiced that the waves became quiet, and he led them to their desired haven. Let them give thanks to the Lord for his gracious love and for his awesome deeds on behalf of mankind.” ~ Psalm 107: 28-31.

Katie Hart Smith’s column, “From the Heart,” touches the heart, inspires, and entertains. Smith, a published author for over twenty years, believes that words, written or spoken, have power. To learn more, visit www.