SNELLVILLE – On Wednesday, Britt Elementary School third graders gathered in the media center for a lesson on the jobs and branches of local government from a local expert – Snellville Mayor Kelly Kautz.  

Kautz Skype-ed in from City Hall for an interview, explaining what she does, who works under her in the executive branch of the Snellville city government and how the branches of government have different roles in the creation of and execution of local laws.



“The levels, branches, and roles of government are concepts that we usually find are difficult for our students to grasp,” said Britt Technology Specialist Doug Doblar, who organized the video call. “Meeting Mayor Kautz and hearing her talk about familiar things like City Hall, Briscoe Park, local police and recycling make the curriculum less abstract and more attainable for them.”

“The mayor and her staff are very generous to give us their time.  It is an experience that really impacts our students’ learning and that they really enjoy,” said Doblar. “Our students will build on this interview by learning the people, places, and jobs of the state and local governments and creating graphic organizers in our computer labs.”

Kautz also Skype-ed with Britt 3rd graders last year and has guest hosted Britt’s student-run Comet Morning News show.

On Friday, Kautz was a guest at Grace Snell Middle School at a Veterans Day program. The mayor watched as local veterans were honored with songs, speeches and presentations.