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Eddie’s Automotive Service

Wanda Price /CBO, (Corp.Branding Officer) & Co-Owner Eddie’s Automotive Service

A New Year’s Prayer

For 10 years I published a Newsletter for Eddie’s. Now, most of our marketing and ads are done through Social Media. This year has been difficult to say the least. Several of you have told me you miss the newsletter.

Eddie Price, Eddie's Automotive Service

Eddie’s Notes: Giving Thanks for You

At this time of year, we as Americans pause our busy lives to give thanks to our creator and enjoy some of the blessings we have been given.  This year will be different.

Eddie Price, Eddie's Automotive Service

The Trades

We live in a time and age where more and more things are becoming automated. There are however a few things that just can’t be automated such as a doctor’s touch, an electrician installing a new outlet, a plumber clearing a clogged drain, or a mechanic repairing a car. I have friends in all these trades and can say we are all struggling to get our young people interested in the trades.

Batteries- You’ll get a charge out of this!!

Eddie’s Notes : Batteries- You’ll get a charge out of this!!

“Car Batteries” –  Safety First! Most car and light truck batteries are made of lead & acid in a plastic housing. Working with batteries can be very dangerous, use goggles for your eyes and rubber gloves for your hands before attempting any battery service.

What? 32 Years!!

To quote Bob Seger, “Twenty years, where’d they go?” Except for me, it’s “32 years, where’d they go?” Oh my, where did the time go… and it went so fast.