Lawrenceville Lions Club and Loganville Legacy Lions Club make learning a little easier for Noah

On December 9th, the Lawrenceville Lions Club and the Loganville Legacy Lions Club partnered to make a 15 month old child with special needs, have a much happier Christmas by providing him with an iPad Mini to help him in developing language, fine motor and gross motor skills.

The Kiefer family received a wonderful Christmas giftNoah Kiefer was born just a little early and it was not know that he had Down’s syndrome until after his birth.  He also was having breathing issues so he was placed in NICU.  The day he was due to be released, the Doctors found that he had a hole in his heart requiring him to spend four more days in the hospital.  Noah struggled to gain weight which was necessary so that he could have open heart surgery.  Complications continued to delay his surgery, but after being hospitalized twice because he was not eating and continued to have breathing issues, it was finally decided to proceed with the surgery to repair the hole in his heart.  The surgery went well and he began therapies at Children’s Health Care of Atlanta.  Noah’s mother Melissa takes him twice a week for physical, occupational and speech therapy.

As Noah’s therapies progressed, his therapist recommended that he would benefit greatly from the use of a tablet for his personal use and to enhance the therapy he was receiving from CHOA.  Noah’s mother then contacted Kim Moore of the Loganville Legacy Lions Club and asked for help in purchasing an iPad Mini.  



Because Noah and his family lived in Lawrenceville, Mrs. Moore contacted Pete Stamsen, a member of the Lawrenceville Lions Club to ask if they could help.  The Lawrenceville Lions Club quickly approved the request, but also asked the Loganville Legacy Lions to partner with them.  That was approved and on December 9th, Noah was presented with his very own iPad Mini.   

The Lawrenceville and Loganville Legacy Lions were delighted to help Noah and his family.
Lawrenceville and Loganville Legacy Lion’s Club presents Noah with his very own iPad Mini
Lawrenceville and Loganville Legacy Lion’s Club presents Noah with his very own iPad Mini