Gwinnett, cities share SPLOST for 60 road projects

(Lawrenceville, Ga) – Three major road improvements, eight intersections, 35 sidewalk/pedestrian safety upgrades and 14 resurfacing projects will share city and county funds from the current SPLOST sales tax program.

Acting Transportation Director Alan Chapman shared details about the projects with commissioners during a briefing on Tuesday, December 16th.

The 60 projects are included in 22 agreements hammered out between the county government and its 16 cities. Commissioners approved the first agreement on August 5 and the last on December 2.

Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash said, “We appreciate all of the cities working so well with County staff to put the necessary agreements together so we can move forward and meet our promises to Gwinnett voters. I look forward to seeing the results of their hard work that will benefit all of our residents.”

The 2014 SPLOST program requires cities and the county to use at least 65 percent of their share of SPLOST revenue for transportation projects. The County must also use $25 million for joint projects if cities pay at least 19 percent of the cost for transportation-related projects that benefit both city and county residents.

Suwanee Mayor Jimmy Burnette, who also serves as president of the Gwinnett Municipal Association President, said, “The term win-win is probably overused, but it does seem to apply here. I am proud that the cities and Gwinnett County were able to develop a mutually beneficial approach that seems to meet the needs of both groups while simultaneously putting forth the types of projects that the community wants and needs.”

The County held 15 meetings with individual cities and three group meetings with the Gwinnett Municipal Association between last December and February of this year to discuss potential projects. A Citizens Project Selection Committee recommended specific joint-funded projects on March 24 and commissioners approved the list on April 16. Cities will manage construction for projects in 12 of the 22 agreements; Gwinnett County will manage the rest.