GRAYSON – The Grayson Arts & History Center will be opening soon with a renewed purpose in preserving the city’s heritage through the art produced by local and regional artists and craftsmen. Applications are being accepted for those wishing to show and sell their art in the intimate setting of the Center.

“We’re going to maintain the museum section of the Center,” said Gail Lane, Grayson’s Community Development Director. “We’re also going to showcase local artists and craftsmen as part of the Grayson experience.” 

 “Grayson’s history is rich and the memory of those who founded our community is exhibited throughout our City,” said Grayson Mayor Allison Wilkerson. “We will continue to preserve those artifacts and memorabilia but we want to also expand the scope of what has become our welcome center to include all those people who have an interest in representing us presently - and in the future - through their art.”

Art, gardening, and project classes are also being scheduled to bring out the “artist in each of us.” 

If you are interested in showing and selling your art, or if you have an interest in teaching a class, please contact Gail Lane for information at (770) 963-8017 or at communitydevelopment@cityofg. Updates and information on opening dates can be found on Facebook at Get Into Grayson.

The Grayson Arts & History Center, formerly the Kennerly-Cox House, was purchased in 2001 for the purposes of providing a venue for sharing and preserving Grayson’s history while also promoting the arts in the Grayson community.