SNELLVILLE – Every dog has his day.
For Snellville Police Department’s K-9 Chris, that day was Monday as the Mayor and Council congratulated him on his 10 years of service to the city and his Feb. 11 retirement with a resolution.

One of the original dog officers in the SPD unit, Chris began work on Oct. 4, 2004. Handled by Sgt. David Matson, Chris conducted more than 921 narcotics searches, leading to more than 175 arrests, more than 70 being felonies.



DOG2 190LEFT: From left, Snellville Police Department Sgt. David Matson and Chief Roy Whitehead with a resolution giving thanks to the 10 years of service given to the city by K-9 Chris.

Chris lived with the Matson family and will continue to in his retirement. Chris’ replacement, K-9 Jax, was introduced to the city Monday night, his first day of service, a day which saw him assist in a narcotics arrest.

RIGHT: Snellville Police Department Sgt. David Matson and the Snellville K-9 Unit’s newest member K-9 Jax.